December 18, 2012...8:48 pm

Chocolate Bark 8 Wonderful Ways

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As soon as I posted the PBS recipe below for holiday bark my culinarily-inclined friends started sending their own versions.


Dark chocolate bark with dried cherries and toasted almonds.

I’ve seen so many good ones, I wanted to share them. My own favorites usually include dark chocolate and almonds, but I just finished off a batch of my mom’s version with milk chocolate and salted peanuts and I can’t get enough. Nom!

I’m a fan of any cheap, simple gift that people will enjoy. I think making something is always meaningful, and keeping gifts inexpensive takes the pressure off people feeling they have to reciprocate. And what you’re really giving is your time, creativity, and understanding that during the holidays we’ll all crave a little something salty, chocolaty, fruity, crunchy while we’re cooking, shopping and wrapping–and be really happy to have it on hand when we do.  The endless variations also make this a fun kid project.

Here’s a Pinterest page with plenty of versions, and my own roundup of recipes from the web:

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